Fire Rated Ducts



Fire protection of ventilation and smoke extraction ducts up to 120 min. is quickly and efficiently provided with the Propokan protection system.


System Components

The Propokan protection system consists of three main components:

  1. Degreaser
  2. Primer (50±20 µm) –  FIRE S EPO
  3. Fire protection coating (350±50 µm)

Optionally, any color from the RAL card can be applied to the surface of the fire protection coating, which improves visual acuity and does not affect the function of the protected duct in the event of a fire. In that case, the duct can be washed and clean with water.

1. Kanal – Odmašćivač

2. Primer

3. Fire protection coating

4. RAL color




The Propokan system can be applied on ducts manufactured in accordance with standard DW 144, rectangular or circular cross-section.


Tests (attests)

The Propokan system was tested in the laboratory FIRES (Slovakia) accredited to ILAC MRA ( and EGOLF (, which is also the accreditation and certification body itself.

Tests were conducted in accordance with:

  • (SRPS) EN 1366-1: Fire resistance tests for service installations - Part 1: Ventilation ducts
  • (SRPS) EN 1366-9: Fire resistance testing of service installations - Part 9: Single compartment smoke extraction ducts.
  • (SRPS) EN 13501-4: Fire classification of construction products and building elements - Part 4: Classification using data from fire resistance tests on components of smoke control systems.



Based on the test according to (SRPS) EN 13501-4 Propokan system is classified as:

≤1250×1000 mm E600 120 ho1000 single


Fire performance

Since the Propokan system has been tested fully in accordance with (SRPS) EN 1366-1, fire performance is possible:

Outside (Type A)

Inside (Type B)


Other installation elements protected with Propokan system

Since the Propokan system is tested completely in accordance with (SRPS) EN 1366-9 and (SRPS) EN 1366-1, other installation elements protected with Propokan system are the penetrations through the walls and duct carriers, hangers.