Fresh Air UVC Disinfection Mask – EN 14683:2019

Product design features

1. The overall appearance of the product follows the ergonomic principle of design, skin-friendly face, stylish and lightweight, comfortable to wear, no feeling of weight, no feeling of pressure, and no blocking the line of sight.

2. The air chamber of the fuselage has been processed with surface highlights. The silica gel mask, the silica gel rope, and the host are designed in a separate way.

3. The product is equipped with a high-strength PC portable case, which is wearable and anti-fall for users to carry out. Better protect the appearance of the product and the clean and dry inside of the product.

4. The product’s surface shell is designed with a double-layer detachable clasp, and the transparent cover is made of high-strength and high-gloss environment-friendly PC material, which is resistant to abrasion and fall. Users can make DIY designs according to their personal preferences and like style patterns, which makes the product more versatile.

Product safety features

1. The host machine is made of high-strength ABS+PC environment-friendly material, durable, and anti-wear.

2. The new four-layer composite protective filter screen adopts the level 13 high-efficiency particulate matter filter screen (HEPA) system, which is internationally recognized as the high-efficiency filtering material and can quickly and efficiently filter out the fine and harmful particulate matter in the air.

3. Food-grade liquid silica gel is used for the silicone mask and the silica gel rope, which is safer and environmentally friendly, and will not bring any discomfort to the user when directly touching the skin.

4. Built-in soft-pack explosion-proof lithium battery, explosion-proof packaging process, no leakage, no heavy metals, high energy density, safety performance is far higher than the traditional lithium battery, single charge service time can reach 4-6 hours.

5. The product is equipped with a one-way breathing valve and adopts the design of hydrodynamics air duct, which can quickly discharge CO2 and other exhale waste gas to avoid the re-inhalation of waste gas.

6. The nose bridge of the fuselage is equipped with an anti-collision design to prevent the nose bridge of the product from contacting the fuselage and causing injury when the product falls.

7. The circuit battery adopts a double protection design to ensure the product is safer to use and has a longer life cycle.

The company AT&TC PPS d.o.o., Belgrade, Serbia is an Exclusive Distributor for the territories of Europe, Turkey, and UAE.