Fire Rated Sealants

Fire compartment is considered as a vital part of any fire safety design approach and is a form of passive fire protection because it doesn’t typically react or change in any fire conditions. Compartment is essentially sub-dividing a building into different ‘cells’ to help restrict or contain the spread of fire, heat, and smoke to or from another part of the same building or an adjoining building for a specified time. This protects building occupants and allows them time to escape, while also providing an opportunity to the local firefighting services to act and reduce potential property damage in the event of a fire. The cells or compartments are separated from one another by full height walls and floors made of fire-resistant materials and construction.

One possible weakness within fire compartment walls comes with the need for things to pass through them, whether this relates to the requirement for people (voids for doorways) or building services (electrical cables, pipes, ventilation & smoke extraction ductwork), these create openings and therefore weaknesses within the compartment walls.

Specialist attention needs to be given to these breaches. Firestopping is a term given to various components used to seal openings in compartmentation walls. Each method used will differ depending on the type and size of the wall opening.

High expansion Intumescent Propokan Pro system is an easy to apply sealant. It expands at temperatures above 135°C sealing around various penetrations and services to prevent the passage of smoke and flames.