Why Choose Propokan

Light Weight
- Propokan Pro is lighter than ducts constructed using fire rated board.
Easy & Fast
- Propokan Pro is easy and fast to install. No delays due to unavailability of skilled labor and special tools.
Any Shapes
Propokan Pro
is very flexible for use. It can be constructed in any shape and the splendidly formed flat oval or round shape can be an architectural feature.
Saves Space
Propokan Pro
saves valuable space. No more clearance problem due to bulky board construction.
Anti Fungal Growth
Propokan Pro
is resistance to fungal growth.
Propokan Pro
is water-based, the product does not have any harmful effect on the environment and human and it is “Green product”.
No Air Leakage
- Propokan Pro has no air leakage property. The standard HVAC duct construction saves power and fire rated layer allows easy commissioning.
Environmental Friendly
- Propokan Pro is environmentally friendly and can be handled at any time, unlike fire broad system which is very dusty during the cutting.
Impact Strength
- Propokan Pro provide a high impact on strengts and safety and has a longer life span.
Propokan Pro
has low VOC property, thus it is applicable for LEED and BREAM buildings construction.