Prezentacija Propokan sistema

  • 07.06.2019. In the premises of the Pitura paint and varnish factory a presentation of Propokan system protection of ventilation and smoke extraction ducts was held. The presentation was attended by representatives of large international construction investors in Serbia, representatives of the most prominent architectural and project offices, as well as representatives of companies that in Serbia perform more than 80% of work for the protection of ventilation and smoke extraction ducts. The large auditorium was addressed by the director of the company Propokan Pro d.o.o., Filip Cubric and technical director Slobodan Nikolic. In an interactive presentation, all participants were able to get informed with the most modern solution in the fire protection world, as well as to receive answers to all the problems related to the fire protection they encounter, which are unknown to them in their work on current construction sites across the country. After the presentation, all gathered had the opportunity for site tour of the Pitura production plant. Afterwards, in a relaxed atmosphere, with a suitable snack, all gathered has the opportunity to make new business connections with the representatives of the largest companies in Serbia in the field of construction and architecture.