Propokan Pro System - Technical Solution

The smoke extraction and ventilation ducts system is designed to transmit smoke, hot gas and flame from the sector to the sector, and bring fresh air to the fire sector. For this reason, it is necessary to provide fire protection of these systems for the safety of life and of course the protection of facilities and property.

European and domestic standards (SRPS) EN 1366-1 and (SRPS) EN 1366-9 aim to prescribe the minimum requirements that it intends to:   

  • Limitation of smoke spread through the duct system in the building during a fire  
  • Limitation of fire spread through duct systems in a building during a fire
  • Enabling the fresh air supply to the object during the evacuation   
  • Enabling the air duct system in the building to provide an additional purpose for smoke control    

Propokan system for fire protection of ventilation and smoke extraction ducts intended for supply and for the evacuation of smoke, ensures the maintenance of their integrity and cross-section within the fire sector, in order to allow maximum smoke flow that can be driven from the point of fire.

Propokan system offers consultants, designers, and contractors an effective way of protecting smoke extraction and ventilation ducts. Provides fire resistance of 120 minutes using locally produced galvanized ducts (rectangular and circular cross-section) protected by fire protection coating. The system has been tested in ILAC and MRA accredited laboratory FIRES in accordance with international standards EN 1366-1, EN 1366-9 and EN 13501-4 and application in the territory of Republic Serbia is approved by the competent Ministry.


  • Smoke and heat exhaust systems    
  • Cooking systems for smoke extraction  
  • Pressure equalization systems      
  • Ventilation systems