About us - company profile

  • History and activity

Basic economic activity "Propokan pro" d.o.o. Belgrade represents fire protection of the ventilation and smoke extraction ducts using expandable coatings, in accordance with European standards and technical standards. In addition to this basic activity, this company carries out other activities aimed at fire protection, such as the protection of steel structures and the penetration of pipes and cables.

Propokan Pro d.o.o. Belgrade is a newly established company that continues to work as a legal successor of the company "Firestop konstrukcije" d.o.o. Belgrade, his business policy and achievements in the field of fire protection expansive coatings.


  • Vision and concept

We are advocates of the modern business concept, technical innovations, and modern trends in business based on compliance with the prescribed standards, European norms, and engineering rules.

This has just resulted in the Propokan Pro fire protection duct made according to the latest European standards as a ready to use a product that will further facilitate and accelerate fire protection in the ventilation and dipping segment.

Our efforts are aimed at assisting investors, designers, contractors and all other associates for faster and more efficient termination of work, i.e. realization of projects because it is precisely a common goal.


  • Business

Business cooperation with factory "Pitura" d.o.o. Belgrade represents the backbone of the business of this company, its trademark, and guarantor of quality, success, and recognition. Business cooperation between these two companies has been raised to a higher, more business sophisticated level, which implies a joint appearance on the market and joint undertaking of a number of business activities.