PROPOKAN PRO protection with intumescent coatings offers numerous advantages over other fire protection systems, and it is particularly important that it is an environmentally friendly system based on non-polluting materials, the environment is HCFC protected. The use of this fire protection system ensures standardized design and installation of smoke extraction and ventilation ducts according to DW 144, ensures the protection of the load carrier ducts that is not achieved with other protection systems. In the event of a fire, the ducts retain their INTEGRITY and STABILITY as would allow an uninterrupted flow of smoke, and thus justify their function, what is completely achieved by this protection system. Fireproof, intumescent coatings are water-based, their application is quick and harmless to people and the environment, and the results of protection are extremely effective. Unlike other fire protection systems, this system achieves more effective results for a much shorter time and with the savings of space and financial resources. The PROPOKAN protection system guarantees 120 minutes of protection in case of fire. It provides space saving because it does not reduce the level of the garage, nor does it burden the construction of the ducts, and thus does not increase the size of protection. It is visually more attractive because RAL is possible, or it is possible to apply the final color according to the choice of the investor. This protection system saves the time required for the execution of works which is 60 to 70% shorter compared to other protection systems. Last but not least, the price of this protection system is lower compared to other fire protection systems.